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As Per the mythological history padmashalies are the progeny of Rushis. Padmashalies spread over throughout India and are in great numbers in Central India and in bulk in the Central South India. The handloom weaving had been their hereditary occupation. In due course of time, this Rushi santhanam faced various set backs. Thus the plight of Padmashalies of the area under the Nizams Dynasty was pitiable on many counts. One of them was that they were enlisted by the government among those lower communities of society who had to be under compulsory service to the village officers and government officers who used to visit the villagers, without any reasonable remuneration. This system used to be called Vetti Begory. Fortunately, a Padmashali Ayurvedik Medical Practitioner who was on the Panel of Rulers physicians got the name of Padmashalies denotified from that list. However this did not provide relief as there was lacking of required field workers. The lack of education was the other factor of the allround conditions and sufferings. The outdated customs were another set back.


Under such challenging conditions. Shri Guntaka Narsaiah Panthulu with an active cooperative of Shri Barrankela Ramachandraiah and Katakam Srirangam and others picked up courage to mobilize the Padmashali youth and for which there was encouragement from the Padmashali Stalwart. Hakeem Dawat Janardhan Swamy. As a result of that “Nizam Rashtra Padmashali Yuvajana Sangham” was started by Sarvashri Barrenkala Ramachandraiah, Katakam Shrirangam.a Nakka Venkata Swamy, engineer and Eldandi Ananthaiah, engineer and others.

The first conference of the Nizam Rashtra Padmashali Yuvajana Sangham was held during the year 1943 at Tulja Bhavan,Kacheguda, Hyderabad under the Chairmanship of Shri Vaddepalli Vitoba, a famous personality of that time who had migrated to Solapur from Telangana Area.

Sri Konda Lakshman Bapuji was also one of the youth who participated in the conference. By that time, Shri Konda Lakshman Bapuji was already in Legal Profession. He was also one of the Executive Committee members of the Akhila Bharata Padmashali Yuvajana Sangaham. Having underwent lot of troubles to get higher education, he was of the firm opinion that the education is the only way for the development of Padmashali community and there should be a shelter for the students coming from rural areas. Hence he proposed a resolution in that conference for promoting a Padmashali Hostel at Hyderabad.

The said resolution had gained momentum in the conference of “Nizam Rashtra Padmashali Kashta Nivarana Sangham” which was presided over by Shri Konda Lakshman Bapuji held in Mortad of Nizamabad Distirct during the year 1944.

The third conference of the Nizam Rashtra Padmashali Mahasabha was held 4th to 6th May 1945 at Sirsilla town of Karimnagar District under the Chairmanship of Shri Konda Laxman Bapuji. Shri Guntaka Narsaiah Panthulu had played a very important role in that conference and padmashali brothers from Solapur and Warangal had helped a lot to make it a grand success. Once again a resolution was adopted in that conference for promotion of Padmashali Hostel at Hyderabad.


A memorable personality and a great philanthropist Shri Chilaka Mallaiah garu, a native of Sirsilla town who had migrated to Solapur promised a big donation of Rs.11,111/- for the construction of padmashali hostel to facilitate the students to go for higher education. This had given good encouragement to proceed further in that direction. The working committee of the Nizam Rashtra Padmashali held on 29th and 30th August, 1945 at Sircilla passed a resolution expressing its gratitude to Shri Chiluka Mallaiah for his magnanimous offer of donation. In the same meeting the issue of Padmashali Bhavan was discussed and a resolution was adopted for “Bhavan Construction Committee” with Shri Konda Lakshman Bapuji as chairman and Shri Guntaka Narasiah Panthulu as secretary along with other 28 members.

The Fourth Conference of the Nizam Rashtra Padmashali Mahasabha was held during the month of May, 1946 at Warangal under the chairmanship of Shri Konda Lakshman Bapuji and with the cooperation and support of promitnent local padmashali leaders like Sarvashri Rama Balaligam, Racharla Rajalingam, Gudimella Venkataranayana, Kusuma Narsaiah & others, the conference was very successful. Once again adopting a resolution in that conference for the construction of padmashali hostel at Hyderabad has given further encouragement to proceed in that direction.


During the month of April, 1947, it was decided to purchase an old building with tiled roof having an area of 1300 square yards situated at Rajmohalla, Hyderabad for Rs.25,000. But there was no money on hand. The promised donations that were to be given by Sarvashri Guntaka Narsaiah Panthulu, Rs.1016, Racharla Rajalingam Rs.1,616, Barrenkala Ramachandraiaha R.s1,016, Chiluka Ramaiah Rs.1016 Mangalapalli Cjhandraiah Rs.516. Chunchu Sattaiah aRs.516 and including the huge donation of Rs.11,111 by Shri Chilaka Mallaiah put together amounted to Rs.16,807 only. Inspite of that, Shri Guntaka Narasaiah Panthulu garu dared to proceed further and gave his promised donation of Rs.1000 as an advance to the house owner and entered into an Agreement and taken a receipt that the amount was paid by Shri Chilaka Mallaiah garu on behalf of the Nizam Rashtra Padmashalli Mahasabha and the transaction would be completed within a month by paying the remaining amount of Rs.24,000 failing which the advance amount given would be forfeited. Hw, then, immediately rushed to Solapur, met Shri Chilaka Mallaiah garu and explained the situation and shown the receipt to him. Having understood the situation, the very broad minded and magnanimous Philathropist Shri Chilaka Mallaiah garu assured to give another Rs.8000 as hand loan in addition to his promised donation of Rs.11,111 to complete the transaction within a month as was agreed upon and he would get the money on the day of Registration. Accordingly, the said property got registered on 3-6-1947 in favour of NIZAM RASHTRA PADMASHALI MAHASABHA represented by Shri Chilaka Mallaiah garu. The premises was named as Padmashali Bhavan in view of undertaking other social and cultural services etc.


As a result of Police Action, the Nizam State was merged with Indian Union on 18th September, 1948 and padmashali leaders like Shri Guntaka Narasaiah Panthulu garu had returned to the State. Shri Konda Lakshman Bapuji also returned after all the arrest warrants (including of Nizam Bomb Case) pending against him were withdrawn and again started his legal practice from 1st January 1949. After their return, they continued their social activities for the welfare of padmashalis. During the month of June 1949, Padmashali Hostel was started with 15 students in the same tiled roof building that was purchased two years back.


As the place was not sufficient for multiple welfare activities of the padmashalis, the adjacent land admeasuring 900 square yards was also purchased for Rs.6,000 on 4-2-1953, thus making the total area of 2200 square yards. As plan for beautiful Building Complex was drawn and donations were collected from individuals and also through different organizations. As the Handloom Co-op. movement was under the leadership of Shri Konda Lakshman Bapuji and Shri Guntaka Narasaiah Panthulu, they could benefit the Handloom Weavers in the supply of yarn. As a result, the Handloom Weavers had voluntarily donated at the rate of one rupee per loom, the total of which amounted to Rs.64,864 towards Building Fund. From out of the said fund, hand loan amount of Rs.8,000/- given by Shri Chiluka Mallaiah garu was returned to him. By the efforts of Shri Konda Lakshman Bapuji, the purchasers of the power looms of the Netha Co-op Spinning Mills, had given a donation Rs.25,000 and contractors who were supply frame looms to the Hyderabad Handloom Weavers Central Co-op. Association Ltd. (HYCO) gave a fund of Rs.12,000 for Padmashali Bhavan. And with the Cooperation of the Chairman, Shri Konda Lakshman Bapuji & Vice-Chairman Shri Guntaka Narsaiah Panthulu. Office Bearers and also the employees of the Hyderabad Handloom Weavers Central Co-op Association, (HYCO) funds were collected to the tune of Rs.72,303 during the years between 1956-1960.


On 7th May, 1954 foundation stone was laid for new’’Padmashali Bhavan Complex’ by Andhra Pitamaha, Padmabhushan Shri Madapati Hanumantha Rao garu, who was a wellwisher of Padmashali Community and encouraged to undertake Hostel activities. This function was presided over by Shri Konda Lakshman Bapuji.


At the initiative of Shri Konda Lakshman Bapuji, he and quite a good number of Padmashali Leaders, Youth, and hostel students had voluntarily rendered manual lab our (Shramadanam) in digging of the foundation of the building. This contribution had been unique in creating the most appreciable and ideal social service. The Shramadanam photo taken at that time even-to-day inspires the youth to do Social Service.


To extend great honour to the unique pilanthrophistic family of Shri Chiluka Mallaiah garu, on 22nd April, 1984 the newly constructed building was got inaugurated by Smt. Chilaka Narasamma Bai, wife of Shri Chiluka Mallaiah garu. This function was presided over by Shri Konda Lakshman Bapuji.

Chiluka Hall

The Round hall in the ground floor situated in the middle of the Bhavan with main entrance of the building was named as “Chiluka Hall” as a token of gratitude for his huge donation.

Hostel Shifted to New Building

On the same day newly constructed hostel building was inaugurated by shifting boarders from the old building.

NEW BUILDING (Construction of Padmashali Hall)

In order to take up more and more social and cultural activities a Padmashali Hall was constructed during 1984. Donors names are written on a marble stone and their photos are exhibited in the Hall. Shri Vanam Sudharshan had givne a big donation of Rs.51,000 and as per his desire, the dias of the Hall was named in the memory of his parents as “Smt.Vanam Sattemma & Shri Vanam VenkannaVedika”. Shri Durgam Narsimloo had given a donation of Rs.51,116 and as per his desire, the dining hall was named in the memory of his mother “Smt. Durgam Lacchamma Bhojana Shala”.


In order to meet the extensive needs of the social and cultural activities, a construction programme of 1st floor on the existing Padmashali Hall was taken up and inaugurated by Shri Durgam Narsimloo, Chairman of the trust on 11-10-1992. By collection of donations from the kind hearted Padmashalis, the Kalyana Mandapam was completed. Their names are written on Marble stone and their photos are exhibited in the hall.

For the construction of the dias of this Hall, Shri Nomula Swamy Das garu had given a big donation of Rs.75,000 and as per his desire, it was named as “Smt. Nomula Nagamma and Swamy Das Vedika”. Shri Durgam Narsimloo had given a donation of Rs.65,000 for the construction of right wing of the Hall and as per his desire it was named as Smt. Durgam Lakshmamma & Narsimloo Dampathulu Vibhagam. Shri Chippa Raghuramulu & Brothers had given a donation of Rs.61,116 for the construction of Guest Rooms and frontage connecting to the main Hall and as per the desire, it was named after their parents as “Smt.Chippa Pentamma & Shri Babaiah Dampathulu Vibhagam”.


In connection with the celebrations of “Sahasra Poorna Chandra Darshana Amrutostsavam” of Shri Guntaka Narasaiah Panthulu garu held during the year 1986, with his own donation and others, of “G.N.PANTHULU WING” was constructed on the first floor of the main road side of the building. Subsequently second floor was also constructed and both the first and second floors were inaugurated on the day of Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Padmashali Bhavan on 01-05-1998.


The 2nd Floor on the Function Hall was constructed within a period of 8 months and on 26th January 2009 it was inaugurated by Acharya Konda Lakshman Bapuji. During the year 2007 Trustees utilising the funds of the trust had constructed two floors on the ground floor in the available space. These three floors are constructed with ultra modern facilities connecting the previous three storied building either side, dismantling the previous trust office and Archarya Konda Lakshman Bapuji Diamond Jubilee Hall (Mini Hall before Chiluka Hall) and now it is named as Konda Lakshaman Bapuji Diamond Jubilee Block. This is inaugurated by Acharya Konda Lakshman Bapuji on 15.08.2007. Now it looks like a Corporate Office Complex having three floors with Lift, Intercom, Internet, Website, Computerized accounting facilities.

DONORS: ( Donors to the Hostel Rooms)

The following Padmashali Personalities and old boarders have given donation for the Construction of Hostel Rooms.

1) Sri Konda Lakshmi Bapuji
2) Smt. Shakuntala Devi
3) Sri Kandi Vishwantham
4) Sri Badepuran Sri hari
5) Sri Deekonda Lakshmipalli
6) Sri Giduthuri Suryan
7) Sri Avan Vithal, and Avan Yadgiri
8) Sri Srimalay Murli
9) Sri Dasari Venkatachalam
10) Sri Adapu Galaiah
11) Sri Akala Ramlu
12) Sri Gurram Machandranath
13) Sri Methuku Pentapa

The following old Boarders have also given donations, for the construction of rooms.

1) Sri Ipalipalli Narsaiah
2) Sri Analdasula Laxminaryan
3) Sri Bala Bhuma Rajam
4) Sri Vemmula Parvathalu
5) Sri Sai Venkatesham
6) Sri Col. S. Ponna
7) Dr. Namala Raghuramloo
8) Sri Uppdancha Madhusudhan
9) Sri Miryala Bhikshapathi
10) Sri Bandi Rajan Babu
11) Sri Kokula Purshotham
12) Dr. Swargam Rajesham
13) Dr. Katkam VeerbhadraRao
14) Dr.Sindam Rajeshwar Rao
15) Dr.Bale Eshwaraiah
16) Dr. Kasturi Satish
17) Sri Kacharla Rajkumar
18) Dr. Valapu Dasu Puranchand
19) Sri Chiluveri Kasinath
20) Dr. Bhogam Raghu
21) Sri Lajishetty Vardha Rajulu
22) Sri Gowda Ramakrishna
23) Sri Kasturi Raman & Lakshman
24) Sri Chiluveru Narayana & Sri Kusuma Mallesham
25) Smt. Mamidi Sarala & Smt. Sadhula Kausalya


When Shri Konda Lakshman Bapuji was a student, he was staying in a house of one old Marwadi Lady, Smt.Jatti Bai Maniyar, W/o.Shri Baldev Maniyar and she used to treat him like her son. With that affection she gave away her house as a gift to Shri Lakshman. But he, in turn, magnanimously handed over that property to the Weavers Welfare Trust. When her heir filed a case claiming that property, which was later settled by compromise and subsequently withdrawn by them, has fetched an amount of Rs.25,000. In her memory, the Hall in the middle of the first floor was named after her as “Smt.Jattibai Hall”.


An older boarder of the Hostel Dr.Eligeti Ramulu, who is settled in U.S.A., when visited the hostel was pleased at the development of the hostel and offered to make a donation. As a result of mutual discussions, the donation was earmarked for renovating the Dining Hall of the Hostel. Then he contributed a donation of 4000 dollars (value at that time Rs.1,25,000). With that amount, dining hall of the hostel was renovated with modern facilities and named as “Dr.Eligeti Ramulu Dining Hall”.


An old boarder of the Hostel Dr.Kusuma Vithal, who is settled in USA has given a donation of Rs.1,00,000 for recreation hall in the hostel and it is named as Dr.Kusuma Vithal Recreation Hall.


In connection with the Padmashali Hostel Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, Magnanimous Philonthrophists Acharya Konda Lakshman Bapuji and Dr.Major Konda Shakuntala Devi had given a huge donation of Rs.10 lakhs to the Weavers’ Welfare Trust for specified purposes from Konda Lakshman Bapuji Universal Foundation.


In connection with the Shasti Celebration of Sri G.N.Pantulu held on 17.11.1963 an education fund styled as Guntaka Narsaiah Panthulu Vidya Nidhi was firmed with his own donation and others for giving financial assistance to the deserving poor students.


Had donated each Rs.25000/- to this Vidya NIdhi. Dr. Yoganand a former boarder also gave Rs.10,000/-.


An old boarder of the Hostel Sri Narayandas Madata has given a donation of Rs.1,00,000 for Padmashali hostel.


Smt. Waddepalli Rachana Shiva Kumar, Trustee, Weavers Welfare Trust had given a donation of Rs.25,000 for Padmashali hostel.


An old boarder of the Hostel Sri Gunnala Chandramouli has given a donation of Rs.1,00,000 for Padmashali hostel.


Had donated Rs.1,00,000 to this VidyaNidhi of Padmashali Boys hostel.


Had donated Rs.1,00,000 to this VidyaNidhi of Padmashali hostel.