This hostel has a laudable history of six decades having produced many Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers and others placed in high positions in the public and private sectors, not only in India but also in other countries like; USA and U.K. Many of them were provided with free boarding and lodging facilities in the hostel as they were very poor. Even today 40% of the students are provided with free and half free facilities in the hostel. It is a continuous process because many Weavers are still living under the below poverty line. It is unfortunate that many beneficiaries of the Hostel who made their future bright, are indifferent towards their responsibilities to render assistance to the educational activities of the Padmashali Hostel. An old tiled roof building with a hostel having 15 students in the year 1949 has now grown into a three storied building providing modern facilities to 150 students apart from having other facilities like Function Hall, Office Complex with ultra modern facilities. The Hostel has three floors with 40 rooms accommodating 150 boarders. In the Hostel the bath rooms and toilets in three floors are provided with modern tiles and sanitary fittings. Every day these bath rooms are cleaned and kept in hygienic condition. The kitchen in the Hostel is provided with all amenities. In the dining hall in the hostel is provided with tiles and stainless steel dining tables with sitting arrangement. Every year tenders for mess contractors are called and the best contractor providing with good and hygienic food were selected with continuous round the clock supervision by Management and staff to ensure good quality food to the boarders and maintain hygienic conditions in the kitchen and dining area.

Every year admissions for the old boarders and new borders interview were conducted in a very systematic and organized way. The management and the warden are interacting with the boarders and their parents from time to time. Boarders are not allowed to come late after 9 pm, if they come after 9 pm, they have to obtain prior permission from the warden. The warden and the staff almost daily visit all the rooms and supervise the activities of the boarders.

The trust is providing total free accommodation and mess to about 5 poor padmashali boarders and also providing total free mess to about 15 padmashali boarders. And also providing 50% free mess to about 15-20 poor padmashali borders. The total amount spent for this is about Rs.4,00,000/- per annum.


The trust is giving about Rs.4 lakhs scholarships every year to the deserving poor padmashali hostel boarder by way of providing free mess, free accommodation, free admission charges etc. Every year about Rs.75,000/- worth of merit scholarships are given to the non-boarders padmashali girls & boys. The advertisement will be given in newspapers to apply for these scholarships. Out of application received the poor deserving padmashali girls and boys will be selected on merit basis every year on the hostel day.