Acharya Konda LakshmanBapuji and other padmashali leaders started Padmashali Boys Hostel in 1947 at Hyderabad. As they were of the firm opinion that education is only way for the development of Padmashali community and there should be a shelter for students coming from Rural areas. Hence they started Padmashali Hostel at Hyderabad

As ours Weavers community (Padmashali) is very backward and poor, the higher education is not being provided by the parents to the girl students as such this successful Trust with a great difficulty and magnanimous donations from various Padmashali Philanthropists purchased 400Sq.Yds of land and constructed big and spacious four storied building named as PADMASHALI GIRLS HOSTEL at heart of the city centrally located in busy, safe neighborhood, very near to educational institutions in L.B.Nagar, Hyderabad with a capacity of 100 girls’ students in a very reasonable fees.

The girls hostel is well entrenched in the area of safety, security and enriched with hospitality discipline, hygienic and nutritious diet etc., The girls hostel will be having modern amenities, peaceful study rooms, homely atmosphere, personal care and supervision in a very economical and high security for the girls.

This is a Golden opportunity for Padmashali Girls who are living in Rural villages and who wants to come Hyderabad for their higher studies.

Weavers Welfare Trust is grateful to the following Padmashali donors for their generous in contributing generosity will be immensely helping the community at large especially girls.

Rs.5 Lakhs for Hall

1) Sri SayiniVenkateshamPadmashali
2) Sri BarrenkalaMadhusudanPadmashali
3) Dr.Pavithra Vani PatalayPadmashali

Rs.3 Lakhs for Room

1) Sri ThatikondaPattabhiPadmashali
2) Sri Barrenkala Ramesh Padmashali
3) Sri VanamSurenderPadmashali
4) SecunderabadSevaSamajamPadmashali
5) Sri CherupallyYadagiriPadmashali
6) Smt. Geeni Lakshmi RammoorthyPadmashali
7) Sri ChandaJanardhanPadmashali
8) Sri ChippaRaghuramuluPadmashali
9) Smt. MothkuruVijaya Lakshmi Krishna Padmashali
10) Sri RapoluMallikharjunPadmashali
11) Sri C.S.VenkataRamanaPadmashali
12) Sri Kandi Anil Kumar Padmashali
13) Sri MetukuSathyamPadmashali
14) Sri GaddamJagannadhamPadmashali
15) Sri Komati SathyanarayanaPadmashali
16) Dr.Rajshwara Rao Padmashali
17) PadmashriGajamGovardhanaPadmashali