In the 1st floor of the administrative block of Padmashali Bhavan, the marriage bureau office is established. The marriage bureau in the Bhavan was started in the year 1987 and had helped to settle many marriages. This bureau collects a nominal fee of Rs1000/- per person for registration. More than 1,200 persons have already registered their names with full Bio-Data. They have been fed in website which enables even the people who are in abroad can have marriage alliance. This Bureau will go a long way in helping the Padmashalis to have good marriage alliances with reasonable registration fee.

This marriage bureau has website padmashali can register online as member of this bureau from any part of the world like; US, UK, Australia, Newzealand etc. This marriage bureau is open seven days in a week. A full time computer programmer is appointed to monitor the website online enquiries and registration etc.

Every year four times parinaya parichaya vedika is conducted in the function hall. About 150 boys and girls with their parents and relatives will attend this vedika. The girls and the boys come up on dias, introduce themselves and give their requirement for selection of marriage alliance for them. The trust has provided round tables and chairs in ground floor especially for boys and girls to sit with their parents know each other and settle the alliance then and there itself.